State Trucking Regulations


Alabama Department of Transportation legal code; Computed Gross Weight Table begins on page 4.


Weight Restriction Information Bulletin for the state of Alaska.


Arizona Administrative Code, Department of Transportation Commercial Programs


Arizona bridge weight restrictions for state highways.


Size and Weight Laws for the state of Arkansas. 


California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board Links

-Truck and bus Regulations Compliance summary 

-Multi regulations summary

-Map of proposed NOx Exempt Areas


All trucks with loads that can be broken down have an 80,000lbs max weight limit.

80,000lb with 4 axles needs a 57ft long axle spread

80,000lb with 5 axles needs a 51ft long axle spread

80,000lb with 6 axles needs a 45ft long axle spread

Tire weight capacities are based on manufacture rating, no tread width restrictions.  

Max trailer length 53ft


Click Here to view the California Computation of Allowable Gross Weight Table


Colorado state transport rules and regulations.


Download the Colorado FYI Flyer with state specific bridge weight formula on page 3.


Connecticut Bridge Formula can be found here.


Delaware state trucking regulations can be found in this policy and procedure manual.


Click here for the Florida State Trucking Manual. 


Georgia state trucking regulations can be found here


The department of transportation for the state of Hawaii can be found at this link. Review administrative rules 101, 104, and 106 for the pertinent information regarding trucking in Hawaii. 


Idaho state bridge and weight tables for legal allowable gross loads. 


Maximum Legal Dimensions and Weights for Illinois can be found here.


Click here for the Summary of Indiana State Weight Laws


Reference pages 18-25 of the Iowa Truck Information Guide for relevant trucking information.


Kansas state trucking handbook; helpful information begins on page 24 with reference tables on pages 30-34. 


Most trucks are limited to 80,000 pounds, but Kentucky allows coal trucks to carry up to 126,000 pounds, or 23 tons more than the others. Review the legal code here.


The Louisiana State guidelines for for Trucks, Vehicles and Loads can be found here.


Maine Commercial Vehicle Laws & Regulations can be found here. Please reference pages 14+20 for weight limit restrictions.


For the state of Maryland, height and weight restrictions vary by county. This link will take you to a list of counties within the state. 


Click here for the Massachusetts state Commercial Motor Vehicle Information guide. 


Maximum Gross vehicle weight is 164,000 lbs. Maximum number of axles is 11. Michigan has a tread width weight restriction of 700 lbs per inch.


Click here to view the Michigan Maximum Vehicle Loading Guide


Click here to view Michigan Truck Weight Law


Click here to view Michigan DOT Web Site


Minnesota Truck Size and Weight limits can be found on page 14 of this report commissioned by the state Department of Transportation. Seasonal load limits can be found here, while spring load restrictions are available at this link


Information for weight limits and permitting for the state of Mississippi can be found here.


 Click here to access a pamphlet detailing size and weight limitations for the state of Missouri


The Montana Commercial Vehicle Size, Weight and Safety handbook can be found here


A quick reference for Nebraska legal size and weight limits can be found at this link; a more detailed reference guide is available here.


Gross Maximum Load Limit for vehicle combinations of 9 or more axles is 129,000 lbs. 


Maximum load Limit on any single axle is 20,000 lbs. and on any tandem axles is 34,000 lbs.


Two axles with centers not more than 96 inches apart are considered tandem. In addition, the maximum weight per inch of tire width is 600 lbs. on the steering axle(s) and 500 lbs. on all other axles. 


129,000 lbs with 9 axles needs a 101ft axle spread

59,500 lbs with 4 axles needs a 26ft axle spread

64,500 lbs with 5 axles needs a 26ft axle spread


Click here to view bridge formula

New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire manual regarding size and weight limits can be found here; a list of bridge review triggers is available via this link.

New Jersey

General information regarding trucking in New Jersey can be accessed through this link.

New Mexico

To download the New Mexico Truckers Guide, just click here

New York

New York State Legal Dimensions, Weights & Gross Weights are available by following this link.

North Carolina

Vehicle weights and loads are available in this section of the North Carolina legal code.

North Dakota

The North Dakota Load Restrictions Chart can be found here.


Click here for the Legal Dimension and Weight Limits for Highway Vehicles in the state of Ohio.


The overall gross vehicle weight of 80,000 pounds for vehicles or 90,000 pounds for longer combination vehicles as defined in U.S. Code 23 


Click here to view Oklahoma state size, weight and load information.


Maximum weight allowed on loads that can be broken down when using Extended Weight Highway Variance Permit is 105,500 lbs on interstate highways.


The Oregon State Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Education Manual, including load limitations, is available here.  For the Oregon DOT bridge formula click here.


Click here for a quick reference guide to height and weight restrictions for the state of Pennsylvania; the full legal code is located here

Rhode Island

The State of Rhode Island has published a Manual with information pertaining to overweight and oversize vehicle permits. 

South Carolina

South Carolina has published a set of guidelines for oversize and overweight vehicle loads; gross Weight information begins on page 6.

South Dakota

Click here for South Dakota truck size and weight configurations.


The Tennessee state motor carrier manual, including the weight and load limitations, is available here


All trucks with loads that can be broken down have an 80,000lbs max weight limit.

80,000lb with 5 axles needs a 51ft long axle spread

80,000lb with 6 axles needs a 43ft long axle spread

80,000lb with 7 axles needs a 34ft long axle spread

Max single trailer length of 59ft


  • Gross - 80,000 pounds maximum
  • Single axle - 20,000 pounds
  • Tandem axle group - 34,000 pounds
  • Triple axle group - 42,000 pounds
  • Quad axle group - 50,000 pounds


Click Here for Texas Permissible Weight Table Link


The Trucking Guide for the state of Utah is available for download via this link.


Vermont's Guide for motor carrier safety regulations is available for download. 


Virginia Size, Weight and Equipment Requirements are available here


Please click here for the Washington State Commercial Vehicle Guide. 

West Virginia

West Virginia Legal Limits information is available for download as a word document here.


Click here for Wisconsin weight and load limitations. A helpful chart begins on page 7.


Wyoming state trucking weight limitations are available via this link.

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