We specialize in manufacturing and installing custom truck bodies and trailers. We have many products and truck systems you can’t find anywhere else, because we invented them.  Everything we do here we do with a goal of boosting your productivity. And you can’t be productive when you’re spending all your time and money on equipment. So value, durability, low maintenance and low cost of ownership are our main focus.  With our expert knowledgeable sales staff we can help you choose the products that will best meet your needs and budget.  We can also put you in touch with lenders that specialize in equipment loans. We deliver worldwide and are building a network of service centers across the United States.  

This is a low mileage 2000 freightliner we made into a SUPER 10 dump truck: frame stretch, lift axle, heavy duty round rock box, pulling another freightliner with an 18 ft heavy duty square box.

Next one could be headed your way!

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We work with a network of manufacturers, service centers, and dealerships throughout the United States and can deliver our products worldwide.


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